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Frequently asked questions


How much does a subscription cost?

Our teams range from the High School league all the way to the NFL, as well as personal licenses for coaches currently not with a team -- which is why we have designed a pricing structure suitable for all coaching needs. By filling out the Trial and Pricing Request form, we can better understand which package might be right for you. We promise we will reach out promptly to give you the information you need to decide if this is right for your budget!

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card (monthly subscription or annual subscription), check, or EFT. If you are paying monthly, you may choose the date which you would like the subscription to charge each month, and you may change the credit card on file at any time.


How long is the subscription for?

First you can try us for 30 days for free. If you decide to move forward and purchase a subscription, you will choose either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

If I stop using Pro Quick Draw; will I lose the work I created?

Absolutely not! Everything you create in Visio or PowerPoint using Pro Quick Draw is yours to keep because our Library of Plays and Templates are attached to a drive on your own personal network, not in the plugin.

If I have two computers, can I share 1 license on 2 machines?

One license = 1 machine. If you coach on two different computers, that will require two licenses. If you get a new computer, you will need to de-activate the license in order to re-activate it on the new computer.

What happens if I purchase a subscription and move to another team?

If you purchased a personal license, you can take that license with you wherever you go. If your team purchased the license, the license stays with the team.

Do I have to re-draw all of my plays if I am considering switching from another playbook software?

For those drawing in HUDL, the investment you make to re-draw your plays will be worth your time. The plays that exist within HUDL are cloud based and belong to the team, so if you ever switch teams, the plays cannot carry with you. Invest in your coaching career by drawing plays that you own and keep offline so you can carry the files with you wherever you go.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

After purchasing a subscription, we are available to you for unlimited customer support and training! You may reach out to us via email or website chat and we will get your questions answered promptly.


What do I need to be able to run Pro Quick Draw on my computer?

Pro Quick Draw is a plugin that was developed for Microsoft Visio & PowerPoint. The plugin is a downloadable link for PC only (Mac Users, see next question). Must be running a local version of Microsoft Visio 2010 or higher, or PowerPoint 2009 or higher. At this time, we are not compatible with Office365 cloud based platform. Stay tuned, we hope to have full Mac and Cloud-based compatibility down the road.

Is Pro Quick Draw a stand-alone software or a plugin?

We believe Microsoft has built a product that is the standard with playbook making among coaches around all leagues, which is why we decided NOT to reinvent the wheel and switch coaches over to an entirely new platform. Our goal is to improve Visio & PowerPoint to be better suited for a coach's needs. Pro Quick Draw is a 3rd party Plugin compatable with only Microsoft Visio & PowerPoint. Don't be fooled though, it is an entire playbook development system that can transform the way you draw playbooks! With a starter package full of templates, designs and tools, it is the only playbook software you will ever need.

Is Pro Quick Draw compatible with iPads?

We do not offer a plugin that works directly on an iPad. However, our PowerPoint video embed feature carries over to iPads for presentations. When you create your PowerPoint presentation and use Pro Quick Draw to embed the video, you can pull up the presentation on your iPad and the video will play seamlessly.

I operate on a Mac. Can I use Pro Quick Draw?

Yes, it is possible to use a Mac and use the Pro Quick Draw plugin. Although we are a windows operating system software, through the use of an innovative software called Parallels, you can run windows on your Mac. Please note: Parallels is not associated with Pro Quick Draw. User must purchase a Parallels license separate from their Pro Quick Draw purchase. If you are coaching at a school or university, check with your IT first to see if the software is already available to you or if school discounts apply. Please reach out to us with questions.

Are you compatible with Google Classroom?

The PowerPoint presentations you make with Pro Quick Draw can be viewed in Google Slides, but not edited. After you have finished drawing your plays in PowerPoint, you can export your slides to your Google Drive and upload them into Google Slides. Note, they cannot be edited once uploaded to the Google Drive.


How do I recieve a trial?

Submit a request for Trial & Pricing on our website and we will send the trial download link and pricing via email.

Do I have to submit a credit card to activate trial?

No! You do not need to provide any form of payment to begin the trial. No strings attached.