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Whether you use PQD or not, we offer tools to help you master Visio.

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Microsoft PowerPoint for Football Coaches

Intermediate Skills

Wednesday, Oct 21 | 9:00 pm EST



Part 1: Intermediate Skills Overview (50 min)

  • Brief Overview of last week's Webinar (Basic Skills)

  • Template Creation

  • Custom Ribbon Creation

  • Keyboard Shortcut Tips

  • Field Background Image Settings

Part 2: Pro Quick Draw Demo (10 min)

  • Learn about the plugin that works in conjunction with Visio & PowerPoint that will save you hours of busy work

  • See a brief overview of our latest software upgrade which includes more brand new templates choose from, an expansive starter package of organized plays for offense, defense and special teams and the groundbreaking ability to embed photo + video into your playboxes.

+ Bonus Q&A Session (10 + minutes)

Stick around if you can and ask us anything related to PowerPoint, Visio, Playbooks, Coaching or Pro Quick Draw! We're here to help you improve your workflow.

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