What is a plugin?

A plugin, which is the format of Pro Quick Draw, means it is an added application that works in conjunction with a software - a third part application. Pro Quick Draw is not a standalone product, it requires Microsoft Visio and/or PowerPoint. Once the plugin is installed on your PC, it will be visible upon opening Visio or PowerPoint on the top toolbar. All the original features of these programs will not be affected or compromised and you can toggle the plugin off when you're not using it.

How much is it?

Please contact us for our 2019 Pricing Guide. We offer different packages with different number of licenses and levels of support. Additionally, we offer multi-year discounts for 2 and 3 year subscriptions.

How do I receive a trial?

Contact us and let us know you would like to try our plugin. We will send you an e-mail with a link to a 15 day trial. Included with your trial is a screensharing demo with one of our reps which you may schedule at any time - this is helpful in walking through the plugin and understand all of the features. You may download the trial on as many computers as you would like to give your colleagues a chance to try it. After 15 days, the plugin will be inactive and ask for licensing information.

How does the licensing work?

Each team will have one designated person to set up the licensing (typically the IT director, DFO, etc) and they will desingate their email address for the username. One team shares one username and password for multiple licenses. Since coaches jobs can interchange, it is best for the e-mail address to be associated with the IT director or DFO. Please reach out to us to learn more about our packages and number of licenses we offer.

How do I receive software updates?

We will periodically send you emails with a link to download the latest version of our product at no additonal cost. This will allow you to download new features and overall keep the product running smoothly. We are constantly improving our plugin to make sure it is operating at it's best! We also listen to our customers, so if you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to share with us and we will consider reflecting changes in future updates.

I need help with the program. How do I get help?

E-mail us at support@proquickdraw.com and we will get you the help you need from the right department; either from a current using coach, our IT team, or customer service & billing. Additionally, if you get an error message, a fast way we can solve your issue is by reading the data from your log files. If you encounter an error message, go to this path on your computer: C:\ProgramData\ProQuickDraw\Log Note: if your computer has the files hidden, you can uncheck a box to show the files. From File Manager, click ‘View' then click the 'Hidden Items' Checkbox so there is a check mark in it. Send us the log files from the last couple days and we will be able to determine exactly what the issue is.

Will resized images be uniform in size, or is there a need for a base template for each individual drawing in order to ensure uniformity?

Resizing occurs automatically along with centering within the space designated in your template box. This is one of the best features of Pro Quick Draw because it does not distort your drawing. The appearance is clean and the resizing occurs depending on the size of your template layout. For example, if you use a 4-box template layout on a standard piece of paper, your images will automatically enlarge to fit the parameters of the space provided. If you are using an 8-box template, the size of your space in each box will naturally be smaller because you are now putting 8 drawings on one page. These drawings in the 8-box will now shrink to fit based on the space provided in your 8 box template.

Can you customize page layouts?

Absolutely! See the Video Tutorials for 'Template Editor'. You are able to completely customize the templates in any way that your team prefers. The process is easy to learn and you are able to take a current template that you may be using and convert it to a customized template for you to use for your entire season.

How does the program decipher the difference between 'play name' and the drawing itself?

This comes down to how you choose to build your template design and layout of your plays. Some teams use a text box to occupy the "Play Name" in a rectangle box on their template. In this case, the Template Editor allows you to identify a text box area to pull from. (See 'Template Editor' tutorial). In other cases, teams elect to build a template that does not have a text box and list the play name at the top of the drawing. In this case you would not need to build your template that way. You are able to do either depending on the work flow of your team.

Does a 'blank play' image appear on a printed copy?

The 'Blank Play' option is there as a place holder and does NOT appear on your printed copy.

Do you press 'update' to override a 'blank play' or does the 'add' feature override?

'Update' is often used when most coaches are manipulating edits. If you have a 'Blank Play' and then put a drawing in that space, 1. Select the drawing from your drop down menu 2. Select "Update". The 'Add' feature is selected when you want to place a drawing in the next available template space that is open.

I am having a problem with adding a play to my template. Is it the drawing or the template?

If your template accepts another drawing without a problem, then the issue is not the template. If this happens, I would take a drawing you know is working in that template and recreate the drawing that is giving you trouble. If the template is not accepting any drawings at all, then you have a template issue. Refer to the video tutorials on the 'Template Editor' to correct your template.

How many licenses does a team need?

Typically a team will utilize this set up: 2 offense drawers 2 defense drawers 1 special teams drawer = Five licenses But if you need more, you can receive up to 10 licenses.

What's the difference between 'Clear Leave' and 'Blank Play' ?

You would select 'Blank' if you know during your layout process that you want to leave a box empty and move on to the next available box. You would use 'Clear Leave' to remove a drawing that you already have placed in your template that you want to remove and leave the space empty.

Can I take the plugin with me to my next team?

Pro Quick Draw Licenses are purchased by the team, therefore the plugin stays with the organization.

How do I uninstall 1.0 to switch over to 2.0?

Note: If you have any templates you customized in PQD 1.0, go into your templates file of 1.0 and save those prior to the un-install and simply add them to your 2.0 template folder at your convenience. How to copy custom templates from 1.0 to 2.0: C:\ProgramData\ProQuickDraw\Templates >> to >> [My Documents]\ProQuickDraw2\Templates\Visio If you have Visio 2010 use this path: C:\ProgramData\ProQuickDraw\Templates2010 >> to >> [My Documents]\ProQuickDraw2\Templates\Visio2010 How to Uninstall 1.0 1. Click the Windows Icon at the bottom of the screen (or Start Button for older Windows systems) 2. Type “Add” until "Add or Remove Programs" Appears 3. Select “Add or Remove Programs” and the following window will open (or something similar on older Windows) 4. Scroll down to “Pro Quick Draw”, click “Uninstall” and follow the prompts. PQD is now removed. How to Install 2.0 1. Click the download link above to run the install. 2. After successfully downloading, open Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint. 3. On the “Home” Toolbar, you will see a licensing button (wrench icon) on the far right side of the toolbar. 4. Select the Licensing button, then enter your username and password to register. 5. Select the Pro Quick Draw icon to toggle the Pro Quick Draw plugin on.

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